Rundbau mit Bambusfassade in China

„[…] Construction materials of naked Gallery include stones, rammed earth, moso bamboos, and steel joists. Stones are from where naked Gallery is located, while rammed earth is the earth excavated from the other sites in the resort. This can effectively resolve processing of part of the earth and form an ecological cycle for the architecture, namely “get from the soil, shape by the soil and return to the soil”. Moganshan is abundant in moso bamboos. Being tenacious, flexible and easy for assembling, these moso bamboos are perfect materials to form the supporting structure of the architecture. Use of natural materials allows the architecture to return to the earth by the end of its service life. This lives up to the concept of ecological architecture from the earth. […]“

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Bamboo Fassade - Bambusfassade 016-Naked-Gallery-Ecological-Creation-Technology-By-Xiaohui-Design-Studio-