Hexagonaler Bambus-Fahrrad-Rahmen

Eine innovative Idee zur Herstellung eines Rahmens aus Bambus für Fahrräder kommt von HERObike:

„[…] The hexagonal shape was inspired by my memories of bamboo fly rods. I think of these rods as having an heirloom quality: they’re both absolutely beautiful and extremely functional. These rods are not to be confused with cane fishing poles. Bamboo is split, planed to precise sections, and laminated together to form a tapered, hexagonal form. Lightweight and responsive, they have been favored by fly fishermen for generations and are still preferred by many over carbon fiber alternatives. I was looking to capture the precision, strength and responsive feel of the bamboo rod in a high performance bicycle frame. […]“

alles lesen / Quelle: http://www.core77.com/posts/25373/new-advances-in-the-bamboo-bicycle-semester-hextube-bamboo-carbon-fiber-bike-25373

hexagonaler Rahmen aus Bambus für Fahrrad.jpg