How to build a splitcane

On the website of you can read under the headline „How Ib Olsen builds his beautiful rods …and some elementary notes.“ a very interesting text written by the well known late Danish veterinary and angling book writer – Preben Torp Jacobsen. Below you can see photos of a very fine splitcane flyfishing rod for brown trout (Dansk: Bækørred) that was built by Ib Olsen in the 90s.

„It is highly important that the bamboo is always kept on a dry place, and during the whole production to have this in mind. One can even – when the humidity outside is high – keep the splits hanging in a plastic or metal tube and underneath at a short distance from the end, an electric carbon-filament bulb.
The best thing to do is to mark the end of the pole with a speed-marker and then with the same tool make a wide spiral around the pole…“ read more here:

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