Geodesic Bamboo Dome in Kenya

Oct. 2019: The Travelling Telescope has recently build a bamboo geodesic dome which will become a planetarium, based on Riverside Drive in Nairobi Kenya. We intend to cover the dome with an all weather, water proof material and after install a projection screen.

Soon, we will be launching  the Nairobi Planetarium, a 9 meter diameter structure that can hold up to 80 adults and it will be a media to educate both the students and the public on Astronomy and the night sky.


The construction of the bamboo dome is made of strong bamboo poles tied elegant together with ropes.

Geodesic Bamboo Dome in Kenya 20190910_122544Geodesic Bamboo Dome in Kenya 20190910_121704Geodesic Bamboo Dome in Kenya 20190910_120059Geodesic Bamboo Dome in Kenya 20190910_120047Geodesic Bamboo Dome in Kenya 20190910_115808