Bambusbrücke in Indonesien

„Bamboo Bridge in Indonesia Demonstrates Sustainable Alternatives for Infrastructure

As part of the second Bamboo Biennale held in October 2016, the city of Solo in Central Java received a public Bamboo Bridge courtesy of Indonesian Architects Without Borders (ASF-ID). Connecting the Pasar Gede market and colonial Dutch Vastenburg Fort, the 18-meter bamboo structure offers a revitalization of river life in the historic Indonesian city. Spanning across the Kali Pepe river, residents of Java can traverse the pedestrian bridge on its track that varies in width from 1.8 to 2.3 meters.

Integral to the project was the introduction of bamboo as a viable material for public infrastructure. As part of the initial design process, scale models were tested in the engineering lab at the Parahyangan Catholic University. From there, carpenters from Yogyakarta led the construction and assembly of the bridge between October and December. Also important to the success of the project was the support of the adjacent community of Kampung Ketandan, who provided lodging for the builders and volunteers. […]“

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